Metacloth` by TCB™

Let your friends scan your Trendly Friendly Bear T-Shirt

When Digital Innovation and Art Collide, our mission is to blur the boundary between art and technology and welcome you to the realm of MetaCloth NFTs. By combining pixels with unique blockchain units, the future of art within a highly digital world arises. With spinning 3-D representations, street-style colour schemes, and hyper-referential cartoons, the art world transformed the year 2022 as a historic milestone in our understanding and expression of art.


Our bear shows you care about your financial goals,
But it’s more than a pretty face.
It holds a QR code,
In or on almost any space.

Your friends scan your clothes and “capture” the image,
To continue with their investigation.
No matter your brand, our bear makes a stand,
Attracting a lot of attention.

When blockchain is found, your investment is sound,
With a combination of art and digital calculations.
Then all that is left is to sit back and enjoy,
To start planning your many celebrations.

The Carpathian bears await their position,
Hit us with your intent for collaboration!


“Wen Lambo” T-Shirt w/ QR code print 😀


“The Golden Bear”
-This pure GOLD Bear of 24-karat (24 karat gold is entirely pure, or 100% real gold) was crafted with the finest details ever!
-Eyes: Fully 3D Green Central Heterochromia
This treat value will blow your mind!


“Bears love Music”

Scan the QR code and see how you can find your t-shirt among the 5,555 bears that live forever on the ethereum blockchain!

"Trendy Friendly"
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