Built to unite the Bears` Metaverse, this new collection of 3D NFTs with 4K super high resolution will include a well-known figure in both the fictional and real realms, the brown bear! Every bear is unique and beautiful, built to unite the bears multiverse! You may now add a Ukrainian soldier to the collection or one entirely made of 24karat PURE GOLD, the purest gold ever produced, embellished with the finest of details! The Golden bear! Look for it in the collection.

5,555 unique NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain

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Unique pure GOLD 24karat

No more than one! When Digital Innovation and Art Collide, our mission is to blur the boundary between art and technology and welcome you to the realm of NFTs.
This pure GOLD Bear of 24 karats was crafted with the finest details ever! Check it on Opensea.io to see every detail!

Ukrainian soldier! Slava-Ukraini! Our special guest!

The TCB team supports Ukraine. All of the funds acquired from the NFT transactions will be donated to Ukraine. Another 30 ETHs will also be donated to reconstruct a school in Ukraine. We hope that our little help will help Ukraine rebuild itself.


We all know how important security is. We decided that all 5,555 Bears should have 9 guards. You can see 2 of them here. To view the entire collection of guards, check Opensea.io

All the way to the moon

In the end, we reach the moon in the Metaverse world. You can see one of the 3 astronauts here.


Mint or #HODL and earn REWARDS

20% of the whole project will be sent back to our community! All giveaways will be provided in Ethereum.

Mint*** your own NFT on our website, #HODL minimum 3 months, and you win other another 2 NFTs from the collection.

-25% SOLD – 5% in ETH will be allocated by drawing lots for all those who have at least 1 NFT from the collection. There will be 2 winners**, each will receive* 2,5% and will be published on our website and Twitter account.

-50% SOLD – other 5% in ETH will be allocated for those with at least 1 NFT from the collection! There will be 2 winners**, each will receive* 2,5%

-SOLD OUT – 10% in ETH will be allocated by drawing lots for all those who have at least 1 NFT from the collection. Ultimately, there will be 4 winners**, each will receive* 2,5%

Too many NFTs? NO – As we offer more NFTs, more chances will arise to become one of the winners.

*receive – No other Metamask address than the wallet from the mint step or owner wallet at drawing point time.
**Winners – The winner’s transaction will be published on our website and Twitter account.
***Mint – Only those who have used our website with the mint option are eligible for #HODL.
Any other purchases on Opensea.io are eligible only to win the grand prizes in Ethereum.


NFTs vs reality!

Brown Bears are one of the most intriguing species on the earth, and they may be found in one of Europe's last really wild places - Ursus Arctos. Following a series of assaults in recent years, a campaign to protect human settlements in the Carpathian Mountains has erupted against this symbolic animal to protect them.

Increased bear numbers, according to the supporters of this movement, are the fundamental cause of the conflict. However, current scientific research opposes this and leads us to believe that human encroachment on the brown bear's natural habitat is the underlying cause of the conflict.

Brown bears have been threatened by poaching, habitat degradation due to illegal logging, and various disputes with rural populations who see them as a nuisance. Illegal logging is not only responsible for the destruction of bears’ habitat, but it also causes bears to flee from the woods due to the noise. In parallel to deforestation, the expansion of human settlements, agricultural land, and transport systems in the Carpathian Mountains have all caused the alteration of the behaviour and migrations of brown bear population, which has been seen in recent years.



  • Q4 2021

    Creation TCB NFTs project

  • Q1 2022

    First bear

  • Q2 2022

    ETHs allocated

  • Q2 2022

    3D Blender and rendering
    experts meeting

  • Q3 2022

    Smart Contract
    Ethereum Blockchain
    ERC-721 created

  • Q4 2022

    MINT is LIVE
    TCB has released

  • Q4 2022 & SOLD OUT

    START…As we promise – THE GIVEAWAY!
    20% in ETHs back to comunity!
    100% from the Brave Ukrainian Soldier NFT ID: #4, will be donated to Ukraine
    Sold out – Other 30 ETHs will be donated to Ukraine

TCB Team

We exist, we are glad to know who we are.


Founder & blockchain expert

Kriss aka “The Dog#

Marketing & Crypto lover


Social media Moderator

The Carpathian Bear

Solidity, Remix & Python programming language

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