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Built to unite the Bears` Metaverse

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5,555 Carpathian bears migrated to a new world, the Metaverse planet!

-The Carpathian Bear, this new collection will include a well-known figure in both the fictional and real realms, the BROWN BEAR! Every bear is unique and beautiful, built to unite the bears multiverse! You may now add a Ukrainian soldier to the collection or one entirely made of 24karat, the purest gold ever produced, embellished with the finest of details! The Golden bear! Look for it in the collection.
-5,555 fully 3D unique NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. The last remnants of civilization on Earth, wandering through destroyed woods. A handful of 5,555 Carpathian bears survived because they migrated to a new world, the Metaverse planet!


Brown Bears are one of the most intriguing species on the earth, and they may be found in one of Europe’s last really wild places – Ursus Arctos. Following a series of assaults in recent years, a campaign to protect human settlements in the Carpathian Mountains has erupted against this symbolic animal to protect them.

Increased bear numbers, according to the supporters of this movement, are the fundamental cause of the conflict. However, current scientific research opposes this and leads us to believe that human encroachment on the brown bear’s natural habitat is the underlying cause of the conflict.

Brown bears have been threatened by poaching, habitat degradation due to illegal logging, and various disputes with rural populations who see them as a nuisance. Illegal logging is not only responsible for the destruction of bears’ habitat, but it also causes bears to flee from the woods due to the noise. In parallel to deforestation, the expansion of human settlements, agricultural land, and transport systems in the Carpathian Mountains have all caused the alteration of the behaviour and migrations of brown bear population, which has been seen in recent years.

Awesome bridges, some unite people and others bring technology closer to people.


12 months of passionate work in the right direction

Q4 2021

TCB Project Initiation

The white papers were taken out of the drawer and placed on the desk.

Q1 2022

First bear prototype

The brown bear in 3D form, no fur, no clothes! Don't worry, he got the traits and assets quickly.

Q2 2022

Blender experts meeting

3D Blender and rendering experts meeting. The bear is down again, without being hurt; it is again placed on paper and drawn, but this time, it is transferred to the digital world.

Q2 2022

The links between bears and the digital world have just been created

The Founder, pulls out his knowledge about blockchain and creates the smart contract ERC-721, on the ETHEREUM blockchain.

Q3 2022

Final stage of the first round! The step that pleased a strong team!

Now the bears are safe, they have migrated forever on the Ethereum blockchain! Projects to give them as much utility as possible. Collaborations with apparel brands will be found among them.


Stay Focus

New projects and utility soon.

Emotions of giving. . .

Emotions of giving. . .

100% of profits from NFT soldier (ID: #4 of the collection) will be donated to Armed Forces of Ukraine! Furthermore, our goal is, when and if the 5,555 bears it is sold out by members minting link option, an additional Ethers will be donated . Since transparency is essential, the website will make every donation public!

Click here to see the Brave Soldier
Avoid a Scam

Avoid a Scam

All theft NFTs attempts,copy rights, fake collections or other bad intentions, will be announced here.
Remember, verify all information with the official website and Twitter account, as all other accounts are fake and please report it. Keep in mind, this collection do not have nay utility at the moment, so a real profit is not guaranteed! We recommend you to use it for fun!
Thank you!
Collection status:


The Team behind the bears

A young team,real person and virtual too, passionate about blockchain technology and the Metaverse world,

we put our shoulders to the wheel, not to pushing a heavy vehicle :), but to gave birth to this project based on true events.



Founder | Blockchain expert

“Father, Horse lover and Skiin” –

Part of the team of workers in the most important buildings in London.

2009 – C&F Skanska | The Royal London Hospital
2010 – C&F Skanska | Heron Tower (755 ft /230 metres tall)



Marketing | Crypto Lover



Social media Admin | 3D Studio

“Remarkable, Spiritual, Teamwork skills & Creative”

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